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Just watched an interview Piers Morgan did.Potheads..   1 comment

Woke up this morning doing the usual. Check e-mail then twitter and news. What I came across just floored me. This interview Morgan did with Ann Coulter on “Pot Heads”. Now right up front I do not smoke pot and not to be confused as one of the “Stoners” trying to make an argument for the legalization of it. But I do believe in the science that speaks for the medical and other benefits of using cannabis. Coultier goes on in the interview saying that “Pot Heads” are incapable of being productive and cannot hold a real job and are a drain on society. She further says that there are no benefits of smoking it and that users only smoke it to get high. She continues on in her rambling interview with Piers inferring that alcohol is better for us then cannabis. Not really sure where she gets her evidence to support her opinion but there it is.

I noticed while watching this conversation how she just almost refuses to look Piers in the eye while talking. She is looking at anywhere but the camera or Piers. I have to ask myself does she really believe the garbage coming out of her mouth? Can anyone possibly be that ignorant of the truth and facts about the subject and comparing to alcohol and cigarettes. She says that smoking cigarettes is actually better as you are more productive and then you die quicker and are less of a drain on societies wallet. Wow I thought that is a real gem of an opinion right there. I guess she has never been to see someone who is dying a slow painful death from cancer.

She expresses her idea that legalizing pot would be a disaster for commerce as potheads are not able to get a job done. All I can say is that is completely false as I know people who would be considered potheads and they have full time jobs with homes and cars and are very responsible. They pay taxes and contribute whole hearted to society. She uses her pool boy as an example in one part of the interview. Well Ann all I can say is if you hire some young pothead pool boy to do the job might I interject that perhaps it was not the pool cleaning you were most worried about. Also in your infinite wisdom are you Saying Dr. Gupta a world respected neuro- surgeon is completely wrong and has not a clue what he is talking about?

I think what we have here is another classic example of a talking head sitting in front of the camera who really has no clue about what they are talking about and should be avoided like the plague by the rest of society to prevent us from being considerably dumber for have just listened to her. I have not had the occasion to read any of her books but if it is mere rambling on almost incoherently like she is in this interview I for one am glad I missed it. To think she is supposed to be a mouth piece for conservatives in this country just floors me. How can you folks listen to her without feeling the desperate urge to just hang yourselves? I consider myself to be an in the center conservative and after two minutes of listening to her speak wanted to jump off a cliff somewhere. Also I ask is she actually educated? I did not bother looking up her bio as I could not bring myself to waste much more time on her. If she is I wonder what her teachers think. I know I would probably consider her one of my failures if it were me.

Alas as I said I do not want to waste much more time on this woman but in case anyone is interested in numbing your brain a bit here is the link for the interview..Might I add as an after thought.It might help if your stoned before you watch it..