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Now that the Presidents State of the union speech is over and all the mudslinging is in full tilt thought I would chime in with a bit of perspective. As is inevetable no sooner is the speech over and we have members of the opposite side of the isle chiming in with everything that was missing in the speech or finding fault with what was said. To all of you Republican and more directly “Tea Party” members. Here is a news flash, You lost the last two presidential elections and you lost them soundly. The people spoke and no matter how much rhetoric you spew forth it will not change the fact. It even has become apparent that the speaker of the house has grown tired of the tea party and the havoc it has caused in the republican party. I just read that Sen. Cruz still thinks it is possible to repeal Obamacare, Mr. Cruz I tell you this. You have tried to do this around fifty or so times already with no success. Maybe it is time to stop beating this dog as it is becoming a real bore. You and your cheerleading section of which include, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh just to name a couple first class circus acts are in mine and many others opinion out of touch with reality. The real problem is the republican party which cannot or just will not meet the other side on virtually anything. You reduce the benefits of our veterans. But it is just fine for you in Washington to get raises and big fat retirement benefits. I even hear some in the party referring to Afghanistan as Obama’s war. That my friends tells me you must have forgotten about way back when the party controlled the whitehouse that you put us there as well as Iraq.

The party has continued to alienate the people and refuse to do the job that they were elected to do. But I must say that the democrats are obviously not without fault. They also continue to follow blindly some of their own agendas. You people in Washington are like a bunch of spoiled little toddlers who throw a hissy fit when you don’t get your candy when you want it. I think at this point you need to understand it is not about you but about what is really best for the citizens of this country and even more importantly for the ones who have put their lives on the line or have died this country and given you the ability to sit there in the capital and enjoy your fat checks and perks of being in office. The choices you are making are making this great country weaker in the global community and if it continues we at some point will become irrelevant and fall by the wayside of history no differently then ancient Greece or the Roman empire. It is time to stop bowing before the super pacs and lobbyist and do what is right for us. The tea party has become irrelevant and the Karl Roves a mere joke. For the democrats I say this whole thing with the NSA spying on the citizens of this country is far from the transparency promised during the Presidents first election campaign.
This is setting a dangerous presidence for the freedom and personal rights of the American people. Secret courts and wiretapping against us in the name of protecting us from terrorism is not a good course to continue. If you would direct more of the financial resources to the issues of clean energy and less to the afore mentioned perhaps we could rid ourselves of dependence on foreign oil and therefore would no longer perceive places like the middle east as a strategic interest. Perhaps this would stop some future wars and as a nice side effect maybe less would be less people would want to attack us. I think that in more then one instance in recent history we went from being perceived as liberators and more as occupiers. It is more than time we got ourselves out of these countries and took care of things back here at home. I am not proposing we become isolationist. If human rights are being violated then we must do what we must with the help of other countries. America has to return itself back to the days of knowing what was morally right and wrong. Our kids,Our soldiers are killing themselves because of things like PTSD and being unable to cope after returning from these wars. I think they are more important then some whack job over in North Korea running his mouth. Let China handle them.. They created the monster let them deal with it. They can not afford instability in the region either.

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Just watched an interview Piers Morgan did.Potheads..   1 comment

Woke up this morning doing the usual. Check e-mail then twitter and news. What I came across just floored me. This interview Morgan did with Ann Coulter on “Pot Heads”. Now right up front I do not smoke pot and not to be confused as one of the “Stoners” trying to make an argument for the legalization of it. But I do believe in the science that speaks for the medical and other benefits of using cannabis. Coultier goes on in the interview saying that “Pot Heads” are incapable of being productive and cannot hold a real job and are a drain on society. She further says that there are no benefits of smoking it and that users only smoke it to get high. She continues on in her rambling interview with Piers inferring that alcohol is better for us then cannabis. Not really sure where she gets her evidence to support her opinion but there it is.

I noticed while watching this conversation how she just almost refuses to look Piers in the eye while talking. She is looking at anywhere but the camera or Piers. I have to ask myself does she really believe the garbage coming out of her mouth? Can anyone possibly be that ignorant of the truth and facts about the subject and comparing to alcohol and cigarettes. She says that smoking cigarettes is actually better as you are more productive and then you die quicker and are less of a drain on societies wallet. Wow I thought that is a real gem of an opinion right there. I guess she has never been to see someone who is dying a slow painful death from cancer.

She expresses her idea that legalizing pot would be a disaster for commerce as potheads are not able to get a job done. All I can say is that is completely false as I know people who would be considered potheads and they have full time jobs with homes and cars and are very responsible. They pay taxes and contribute whole hearted to society. She uses her pool boy as an example in one part of the interview. Well Ann all I can say is if you hire some young pothead pool boy to do the job might I interject that perhaps it was not the pool cleaning you were most worried about. Also in your infinite wisdom are you Saying Dr. Gupta a world respected neuro- surgeon is completely wrong and has not a clue what he is talking about?

I think what we have here is another classic example of a talking head sitting in front of the camera who really has no clue about what they are talking about and should be avoided like the plague by the rest of society to prevent us from being considerably dumber for have just listened to her. I have not had the occasion to read any of her books but if it is mere rambling on almost incoherently like she is in this interview I for one am glad I missed it. To think she is supposed to be a mouth piece for conservatives in this country just floors me. How can you folks listen to her without feeling the desperate urge to just hang yourselves? I consider myself to be an in the center conservative and after two minutes of listening to her speak wanted to jump off a cliff somewhere. Also I ask is she actually educated? I did not bother looking up her bio as I could not bring myself to waste much more time on her. If she is I wonder what her teachers think. I know I would probably consider her one of my failures if it were me.

Alas as I said I do not want to waste much more time on this woman but in case anyone is interested in numbing your brain a bit here is the link for the interview..Might I add as an after thought.It might help if your stoned before you watch it..

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It seems to me with everyone up in arms about the use of chemical weapons in Syria another important aspect of the issue was never really discussed. Where did the Syrian government obtain them? Syria’s chemical weapons were probably supplied directly or in-directly by North Korea, Russia,India,China,Iran and and by many intel reports Iraq (pre-war) from Saddam Hussein. Clearly some of the a fore mentioned are under some sort of sanctions but many are not. It becomes apparent that it is not true that old saying “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Then there is our double standard for nuclear proliferation. We pound North Korea and Iran with sanctions over it but why do we let a country like Pakistan slide? Pakistan is ruled by a military who at any moment could launch a war with India which would probably end civilization as we know it. It is common knowledge that they have been and currently are a safe haven for terrorist. After all where did we find Bin Laden living quite comfortably? I think what it really boils down to is the lack of political stomach to confront this obvious case of hypocrisy.

Now lets talk human rights abuses. We are really quick to point the finger at Iran or China when they enact some horrible law but when we do exactly the same sort of thing under homeland security it is just fine. Or how about the British are consolidating ties with Uzbekistan which tortures it citizens and enslaves them to pick cotton but of course how could the U.S. chastise others for what it itself has done? After all we are a society here who shops at big box stores for the best prices on the backs of cheap labor from more times than not third world labor. Wake up Sheeple you are directly supporting that which you so vehemently speak out against.

The NSA spying on us and everyone is up in arms. More than a handful of the current Democrats who support this policy currently were decrying it when Bush was in the whitehouse and now that Obama is in the Republicans are doing the exact same thing and now the Republicans simply turn coat and employ the same tactic. It all comes down to scoring political points with their base and nothing more. This has absolutely not one thing to do with your rights or freedom. It is all about keeping the citizens in check and the real powers that be in control. They are simply and masterfully employing an old military strategy which is “Divide and Conquer”if the people are divided and at each others throats they can not rise together against the true masters. That is why they become so enraged when a whistle blower comes out like “Snowden” and tells the people what is going on behind secret door #2 under the guise of protecting you from terrorists.

Now since the subject of “Snowden” came up lets talk about extradition. The United States is upset that Russia would not extradite Snowden but it is alright for the U.S. to hold individuals like Sanchez De Lozada the intensely pro-US president of Bolivia. This gift to humanity sent security forces to suppress a popular uprising against energy and globalization policies.  Using high-powered rifles and machine guns, his military forces killed 67 men, women and children, and injured 400 more. Most were indigenous Aymara people who had some real skin in the game. Luis Posada Carriles is another which Venezuela requested be extradited for his alleged role in the bombing of a Cuban airliner which killed 73 people in 1976. Also of interest he worked with the CIA (They acknowledged this).

Now lets talk corruption and huge hypocrisy in Washington. Insider trading is one of the shitty things the rich have been known to do to get a whole bunch richer. They take non public information like up coming changes to laws and use that in the stock market. Back in 2010 the Wall Street Journal identified no less than 72 congress members and staff who did exactly that. All the while they were jailing bankers for doing the very same thing. These included House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. I know, Yep the very same ones responsible for the shutdown which cost thousands of federal workers their paychecks and veterans a cut to their benefits. Isn’t it wonderful how your elected officials work for and represent you?

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