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The drugging of our children has become the norm in society. Well meaning teachers and parents and children have become the victims of this propaganda being spoon fed to us by psychiatry. There are millions of kids here in the U.S. Taking medication for “ADHD” which are class 2 schedule drugs with side effects that cause sudden death in patients with heart problems or deformities, seizures, loss of eyesight, hearing voices, Violent tendencies and a whole laundry list of other side effects of which one more biggie is suicide. All that is just a side effect of Ritalin. Now another big one is Adderall which contains amphetamine(Speed), and dextroamphitamine . This is used to control hyperactivity and impulsiveness in patients and the side effects include psychotic symptoms like again hearing voices and believing things that are not true. Increase in blood pressure and heart rate and seizures and change in eyesight and once again these are just some of the side effects.
Also what seems to be a more common occurrence is when a side effect of the drug appears they will just feed them another drug for that. At this point I must apologize as I am not a rocket scientist but it appears to me to be a problem. After all diagnosis in these kids is subjective and anything but an exact science. Psychiatry today has began to list even normal emotions and mental states of mind as a “disorder”. They are defined under the “Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders” or DSM. The book was created by the american psychiatric association. They put these diseases in this book without any scientific or clinical trials whatsoever. Changes to this manual are done by vote of its members and is not one bit science.
It is well documented that anti psychotics are being misused and prescribed. Children as young as 18 months are being given these drugs to treat diseases that rarely manifest before adolescence. They are giving toddlers these drugs because of the sedative effect and to control disruptive behavior and not to treat mental illness at all. It was recently that it came out that the Harvard psychiatrists who created the pediatric bipolar diagnosis were disciplined for conflict of interest when it was revealed they had received millions in undeclared pharmaceutical company money. Then there is the trend of parents being taken to court and in some instances put in prison for refusing to drug their children.
I think as parents we need to stop letting these companies from profiting at the cost of the health and well being of our kids. If your children are showing behavior problems consider other possibilities like diet. High fructose corn syrup is a huge contributor and linked to depression and schizophrenia. Try to reduce the chemicals in their diet and encourage more natural foods. We did not have most of these chemicals in our food when I was a child and we were not being fed these drugs for that matter. Geez now we even have to worry about these genetically modified foods in our diet.
So I think the moral of the story is this. Stop expecting our kids to be little “Normal” robots and let them grow up drug free and teach them right from wrong and how to be a healthy contributing member of our society. Maybe and I say just maybe these mass shootings will become a thing of the past. Maybe even get them off the video game and go outside and play on a nice day.


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