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Just sitting here wondering where I want to be a year from now. I mean this in the sense of my blogging and how as can use it as a tool to help myself as well as others. I know for myself it is anything but being about fame, Money or any of those trappings. More about being content and just comfortable in life (But not to much) and have the day to day needs and some left to help others who might be in need of a hand up. As a habit I try to think a bit less of myself and more about those around me. I guess this can be a tough thing in a world where most have an its all about me mentality. Just can not seem to bring myself into that frame of mind. Just was not raised like that. I also intend to put together an ebook at some point this year. Probably a collection or some mash up of my postings on here.

I have no idea at this point who or how many are actually reading these I just see that there are views on them. Kind of hope at least to start getting some feedback and comments. It seems a little weird for me to do a post on the blog like this but I feel the need to put this up here so I can look back in say a year and see what has come to pass. I can only hope my writing improves with age and I do not alienate every human being out there who reads this. Believe me I know I tend to come off strong on some things (No Apologies sorry) but a lot of people out there need to probably hear it in that way. But let it be noted that if I am proven to be wrong I can take that and so be it. Would also like to hear some ideas some of you might have on future topics. I am game for just about anything short of intentionally hurting someone.

In the mean time I will try to keep new ideas coming and inspire some of you to step up and say something about the things you see going on that are wrong and of course the ones that are right are even better. It is my primary goal here to get people to really think about how they perceive things around them and just for a minute look at things through different eyes. It is painfully obvious that there is a lot of really bad stuff going on around us at any one time but we do not have to just see this. Spend a bit of time focusing on the good as well. Okay that is about all the time I want to spend on this brain fart of a post. If any of you are interested you can follow me on facebook or twitter.




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