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Was just sitting here going through the usual. Checking Facebook and Twitter to see what is going on and began to think what has become of our world in a few short years. After all when was the last time you physically spoke to a family member on a phone or wrote a letter? Have we become virtual slaves to new technology masters? I am old enough to remember the old dos computers and what life was like without the internet. What would happen if somehow a switch got flipped and poof our technologies were rendered useless? Wow there would be a “HOLY CRAP” moment..What would the sold called news outlets do without their technology to inform what is happening on the other side of the planet?

I think for myself it would almost be like a day off from work. I could spend more time outside with my own thoughts and ideas without the influences of hundreds of personalities online. Not that I am saying that is a bad thing but sometimes I think we need to just step away from the machine and focus on our own ideas and thoughts. Maybe even call a parent or sibling just to talk in person. Of course these social sites have become a necessary and intricate part of our world and all of our lives. I know a lot of peoples incomes depend on them directly or indirectly. I think there are some out there who would probably have some sort of breakdown if they had to spend more than a day without social networks. It would be like oh my God no mafia wars or any one of the many games played on them. Of course I myself am guilty of sitting and mindlessly playing some of them.

I think if anything I have come to the conclusion that we need to take timeout for the real world and all to real problems that we face in our real lives and society. It has almost gotten to the point I think where we have become dual citizens in our real as well as virtual worlds and worry that we have forgotten which is which. It has come to the point that more times then not the post or message I get on Facebook is nothing more then a game request for this app or that app of which the majority I do not even play. Then their are the endless hate posts about politics or religion coming from people who I would hope would never say such things to their children. I wonder if they actually believe what they say. Where they get their “Facts” from and are they even capable of separating myth and reality.

I guess my whole point here is we need to take some time for reflection on real life. Think some of your own thoughts and ideas and stop being sheep. Do not believe all that you read on the web (I would hope your smarter then that) and challenge others on their opinions and research your own before putting it out for the world to see. I see how freely people are giving their opinions which have nothing at all to do with facts. Anyone can spew out mindless gibberish and yes some will just eat it up but what is the point other than a little self gratification for a time until some figures it for what it truly is. Also I find those are the ones a majority of the time who get mad when you call them on it. I say just be honest with everyone and tell it like it is…

I would love to hear what your take on this is. Please leave a comment and lets see who is paying attention.


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