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What has become completely apparent in recent years is that the current 2 party system in the U.S. is not working. On both sides the people we elected to represent us are doing anything but that which we elected them to do. Greed and corruption are rampant and they serve their lobbyist masters instead of their constituents. Of course you could point out the independents but they are either ineffective or just the same wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is really alarming that not long ago President Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex and its influence on our government. As I see it that is only part of the problem. I think most of the issue is we ourselves have let this happen through ignorance and or tolerance of the behavior of said officials. I have conversations with people who are so blinded by their party rhetoric and are being led like sheep to the slaughter. To myself it does not matter one bit what side you are on you are wrong and to a great extent are merely enjoying the fruits of what your political parties have sown. You have political leaders who have been involved in sex scandals and bribery and all matters of immoral acts against the citizens of this once great country. They are perpetrating acts against the citizens of this country contrary to or in spite of our bill of rights and constitution. They have put in place judges in the supreme as well as other federal and state courts who will facilitate the take over of our country as the large majority of the masses cheer them on.. Sound Familiar? It happened before in recent history in a country called Germany. They took the guns and then the press and next thing we knew they were loading up citizens on trains to the gas chambers.

So what is the solution one might ask? Not sure I have an answer but I do know Socialism and communism does not work.(Ask the Russians.) Our current system is not working so we as a people of this once great country should start having a dialogue about how to really fix it and make the hard choices to see it through. We need to get rid of this partisan political  garbage that has allowed us to fall so far into this pit. To those current elected officials all I can say is shame on you, Each and everyone of you has let your country down (Not to mention the veterans who fought and died in your name just so you can strip their benefits and allow some to be homeless.) and for what? I know what.. Power,Greed and self satisfaction. Also you the ones who did not directly contribute to our situation but sat quietly on the side, You are equally as guilty through your choice to remain silent. Then when a whistle blower does speak up he is silenced through any and all means necessary. But you should wake up and take a look around you. There is a rumbling stirring among the people and to the people I say vote all of them out and start over and begin the debate and fix the problem so that our children are not left with our mess. Stop thinking like a Democrat or Republican. Think like a citizen of this country and do what is morally right for the generations to come. I think it is also important that we put aside religious differences as apparently throughout history religious persecution does not solve anything for anyone. Maybe those “Flower Children” back in the 60’s had it at least partly right.. Live and let live.

How can we dare to act like the worlds police or “Global force for good” Love that one by the way…When we cannot take care of our own front yard…?


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